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The Community’s Neighbor

Chatham Habitat Community Meeting Space 467 West St in Pittsboro

By Kristine Villaflor

At Chatham Habitat for Humanity, we strive to fulfill our mission by not just providing affordable housing, but also creating a sense of community. Through a few different programs, we hope to foster an active community that is collaborative and transformative.

Chatham Habitat encourages community spaces where people can have many chances to socialize, meet and greet, and share ideas. Our ReStores serve as the physical venue where people can both donate and shop at the same time. Volunteers are also welcome to get involved with the construction, office and ReStores by sharing their time and talents and working alongside the staff.

But there’s more than that. Did you know that Chatham Habitat provides a FREE community meeting space that is open to the public? It is our other way of creating creative community spaces, from a simple meeting room to an innovation hub where individuals can come together, or small organizations can work on ideas and advocacy projects.

There are different groups that have become longtime users of the space, one of which is the Sewing Bee. This is a group of talented people who love to sew and meet once a month in the community meeting space. They come with potluck food and happily sew items such as pillows, aprons, table runners, napkins and other handmade goods. These items are donated to us and are sold at the ReStore.

Through these activities and with our community support, we are working on a common goal: to make our community more collaborative, and provide a better quality of life for underserved people. This can make our community transformative.

Interested in booking the community meeting space? The room comes equipped with a table and chairs, counter to serve food, a television which you can use for presentations (just bring your laptop) and also access to restrooms. This is an ideal meeting space for nonprofits and small groups, and we want to cater it to those that need it most.

Click here to learn more and reserve. Reservations should be made within a 30-day window.

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