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Prescription Take-Back Day a Huge Success

On March 21st, we co-hosted a Prescription Take Back Day with Chatham Cares Pharmacy and the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. These events are designed to give citizens a chance to bring their unused or expired prescription drugs so that they can be properly disposed of.

Jerry Whortan and the Chatham Cares Pharmacy Board of Directors

The event was a huge success! We collected  134.5 pounds (67,250 Dosage Units) of prescription drugs at the event. That’s the most that the Chatham County Sheriffs have ever collected at one event in Chatham County!

That’s 134.5 pounds of medications that will not be introduced to our water system or accidentally end up in the hands of teens in our community, and we’re proud of that.

Thanks to Chatham Cares Pharmacy for the important work that they are doing in our community, and to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office for their hard work on this event!

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