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Construction Update!

On this week’s construction update, we are happy to announce that we passed the rough-in inspection of House #123 last Friday. Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers who made that possible! Over the next couple of weeks our subcontractors will be blowing in insulation and hanging drywall. During that time, we will be focusing our efforts on our next two houses in Siler City which are located at 1208 and 1210 N. Chatham Ave. Come by and check out the progress, or even better come lend a hand and a hammer! We would greatly appreciate your help if you’re able to do so. This week’s agenda includes installing mud-sills, installing foundation insulation and vapor barriers, as well as other miscellaneous site preparation. Please remember when you come out to volunteer that on-site safety is our top priority. Our biggest safety reminder…mind the heat! On these hot summer days remember to wear a hat and sunscreen, and drink plenty of water before, during, and after the work day. It’s important to take as many breaks as you need, and do not feel ashamed to head out early if you feel that’s best for your health. We can’t wait to see you on site!

5 Bedroom Home
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