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A Time for Giving

By Taylor Battle, Public Relations Intern

The end of year is a reflective time for many. It’s a time to look back on what was accomplished throughout the year, and what will need to be focused on next year. The end of the year is a time when many are grateful for what they have and they begin to want to spread their joy around to others.

During this time of year, we at Chatham Habitat would like to say thank you to everyone that has continuously supported us throughout the year, those who have supported us in the past, and those who will support us in the future. Through your generosity and desire to give, Chatham Habitat has been able to build more than 130 homes during its existence, and will continue to be able to help families in the community.

Throughout this giving season, we encourage you to give back to your local community, whether that’s donating your time, your money, or simply spreading the word about Chatham Habitat to your friends and families. 

If you have 5 hours:

You can give to Chatham Habitat by volunteering your time and energy – we have many volunteer opportunities available. You can volunteer on our construction site as long as you’re 16 years old or older.

If construction isn’t for you, you can volunteer in our ReStores. We even have opportunities to volunteer available in our office.

If you have 5 minutes:

Giving back to the Chatham community through Chatham Habitat can be as simple as an online donation, or a donation via mail (PO Box 883 Pittsboro, NC 27312).

You can give back by donating any of your gently used household appliances, furniture, kitchenware, books, electronics, etc. to our ReStores.

If you have 5 seconds:

If you can only spare a few seconds to give back to Chatham Habitat, then follow us across our social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) or subscribe to our e-newsletter. And remember to like and share our messages so you can spread the word about Chatham Habitat to your friends and family.

The holiday season and the joyful spirits it inspires often encourage people who have never given before to give back to nonprofit organizations in their community. This time of year inspires a desire to do good amongst many people. By giving back, you will not only be able to brighten your life, but you’ll be able to brighten the life of a deserving family.

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