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House 154

The Currie Sosa Family

1171 Westmont Drive
Siler City, NC 27344 

House #154 is located in the Westmont neighborhood in Siler City and was originally built and sold to a Habitat homeowner in 2005. The house is being fully remodeled
with all new major systems.


Meet the Currie Sosa Family

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 11.44.24 AM.png

from left to right: Herman & Martha


Herman Currie is from Southern Pines, and his wife Martha Sosa is from La Union, El Salvador. The couple enjoys going to the beach and spending time together as a family. Herman and Martha learned about Habitat from her sisters, who also had the opportunity to work with Chatham Habitat to become homeowners.

“The application process was not easy, and it took three years to get to this point, but the wait is worth it,” said Martha. The most important part of this new journey for Martha and Herman is that their new home will allow Herman to move out of the nursing home that he is currently living in because their current home cannot accomodate his accessibility needs.

When the couple buys their house, Herman will be able to move home and live with his wife and their cat, Griss (who is especially excited to have a big garden to explore in their new home).


“Owning a home with the help of Habitat will improve our lives completely,” said Martha, “we can’t wait to finally live together as a husband and wife and finally feel free.” Martha & Herman’s house is located in the Westmont neightborhood in Siler City and was originally built and sold to a Habitat homeowner in 2005. The house will be fully remodeled with all new major systems when they purchase it later this year. 

We Couldn't Do It Without...

BOLD Construction


Mountaire Farms

The Hispanic Liaison

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Freese & Nichols, Inc.

Chatham Yard Cards

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UNC Healthcare

We owe an extra special thank you to all our regular volunteers and staff - Harvey, Walt, Efrain, and Doug  who are on site every week, no matter the weather. We might not have a big group photo of you, but there's no way we could do this without you.

Thank you.

A Bonus Success Story

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When we started work at House #154, we found a pregnant stray cat living near the house. While it's not in the job description, our staff worked hard to find a place for the cat to have her babies. Mom cat is named Habie and her kittens (born on July 3rd) are appropriately named Jimmy, Rosalyn, Carter, Jerry, Peanut, and Peach. We love a theme!

Thank you to Katie Hollowell for making sure these kittens were born in a safe place, and thank you to Vintage Racers for Rescues for taking such good care of Habie and her kittens. Visit the Vintage Racers for Rescues Facebook page for regular updates if you're interested!

Photo Gallery

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IMG_3479 (1).jpg
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