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Volunteer Spotlight: Carol Kooner

Carol is in the middle, pictured here with two of her Sewing Bee comrades and a quilt that they made

Carol Kooner is one of the founding members of the Sewing Bee here at Chatham Habitat. She puts in hundreds of hours a month working on pillows, aprons, table runners, and other items to be sold in the ReStore. Always ready to help another Sewing Bee  participant  learn a new skill, Carol is a creative, kind, and wonderful volunteer.

From quilts to aprons to pillows, Carol can do anything with a sewing machine. Last year, she designed a whole North Carolina themed quilt and donated it to be auctioned at a Christmas Fundraiser. Dedicated to contributing to Habitat, Carol has found a unique way to help us build more safe, decent, affordable housing.

Thank you for sharing your time and talent, Carol!

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