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"I am capable": Sabrina's Story

For Sabrina, home means family. Sabrina Bonomolo is one of the incredible ReStore retail staff. For her, home was always a safe place to grow and learn, a place for shelter and stability, and a place where her Great Grandma Anna cooked every Sunday with the family gathered together.

When Sabrina came to the ReStore, she had not seen many women working in a hardware store. “It challenges me and I am proud to be doing this,” she says about her role in the ReStore. “I am versatile and we [women] are capable of a lot of things.” She shares about how she has been able to overcome many obstacles and is always learning something new at her job. Sabrina is especially proud to be finishing up her degree while also working. She is becoming more aware of what she is able to achieve no matter the challenges ahead.

Sabrina (right) with Lee Cope (left)

Some of the inspiration that has kept Sabrina moving forward and inspired are her mother and her siblings. Her mother’s work ethic has surely rubbed off on her, and is propelling her forward as she wraps up her degree while also working. Her siblings have inspired her by seeing them use their talents and going after their dreams.

Sabrina loves working at the ReStore because it has taught her how rewarding serving the community can be and she loves to interact with all of the different customers. “It’s also encouraging knowing that everything I am doing is working towards a safe home for an individual or family.”

You, too, can make a difference in creating safe, affordable homes in Chatham County! You can join Sabrina in building deeper connections with your community through volunteering with the ReStore. All are welcome, and as shown through Sabrina’s story, it is a great opportunity to be challenged, to learn new skills, and meet new people all while making a positive impact.

Take the first step and sign up for a ReStore Volunteer Orientation here: ReStore Sign-Up

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