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Meet The Johnston Family

Meet the Johnston Family, Chatham Habitat’s newest partner family!

Selected just a few weeks ago, the Johnston Family can’t wait to get started on their Habitat home. The family currently lives in Bear Creek, and wanted to keep their son at the same school, so when they heard that Chatham Habitat had lots available in Bear Creek, they hurried to apply.

“From the beginning,” said Ada Rey, Family Selection Coordinator, “this family has worked so hard to get their paperwork in and complete the application process.”

To add to the excitement of the last few weeks, Crystal and Justin got married just a week after they found out they were selected for a Habitat home.

We can’t wait to work with this couple and their two sons to build their home this coming Fall. Their hard work and enthusiasm so far is remarkable, and we’re sure that they will continue to be excellent partners with Chatham Habitat. We can’t wait to see them in a new home!!

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