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Hats Off to Two Habitat Grads!


This month, two of our homeowners became college graduates! First up, Patricia Nettles graduated from Central Carolina Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice. Patricia just became a homeowner this year, along with her three children: Emily, Erika, and Kenyada.

While she was in school, Patricia worked full time, finished all her paperwork to become a homeowner, and served 350 hours of sweat equity. Patricia is truly a hardworking woman, and she is so proud to become a college graduate and a homeowner all in the same year!

Congratulations to Patricia!

Next up is Jovanni Catalan-Hurtado, who just graduated from Guilford College with a major in Math and a minor in Chemistry. Jovanni and his family moved into their Habitat home when Jovanni was 15. The fact that he had a safe place to study and a home to come back to meant that Jovanni was able to go to college. He was a Bonner Scholar, a program that required him to serve volunteer hours throughout his college career. When asked how his family’s home helped him to succeed, he said, “Having a Habitat home has provided me with a stable home to come back during my vacations from school. My parents have also been able to support me along my college education due to the fact that we had an affordable home.” 

For the next few months, Jovanni will be joining our staff at Chatham Habitat as a Sales Associate in the ReStore. He’ll be looking for a job that suits his education while he works here, and we’re so glad to have him on board! 

Congratulations to Jovanni!

We’re really proud of both of these graduates. All of their hard work has paid off, and it’s great to see them moving forward and achieving their dreams. 

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