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GridFree! NC Donates First Solar Array to Chatham Habitat

GridFree! NC has completed the installation of a donated 2.5 kW rooftop solar array on the Balderas Family’s home in Bear Creek, North Carolina.

The array is a pilot effort by Chatham Habitat for Humanity to explore the possibility of making solar arrays part of as many home builds as possible in the county.

According to the utility trade organization the Edison Electric Institute, low income families spend between 15 and 20 percent of their income on energy costs – compared to about 2 – 5% or less in spending in medium to high income households. The array on the Chatham Habitat house will significantly reduce that energy burden on the owner family. Homes built by Habitat for Humanity are already extremely energy efficient, with electric bills often staying below $60 per month. A 2.5kW array could produce an average of 318 kilowatt hours of energy per month, or about $35 worth of electricity. In spring and fall months, the home could even approach net zero electric consumption – meaning their energy production will match or exceed usage by the home.

We had a great time working with GridFreeNC! during this installation! Our staff and volunteers were able to learn a lot about solar power while working on this project, and our last Collegiate Challenge group got to see the panels go up! We’re looking forward to future opportunities to include solar panels on other homes.

About GridFree! NC

GridFree! NC is a nonprofit organization operating in North Carolina. The organization installs traditional solar arrays on residential and commercial roofs, and donates funds from installations to help low income families go solar for free, or at minimal cost.

For more information, please visit our website at

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