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Feel-Good Habitat Moment #1

Y’all have heard many of the stories that we tell–children painting their bedrooms, families signing their closing documents, and volunteers mastering new skills. Some stories don’t get told as often–it’s hard to share the feeling of belonging that many of our long-term volunteers feel, and you can’t always quantify the value of the friendships that have started here. On any given day, you can find people laughing together on our construction site, in the ReStores, and even in our administrative offices. In this series of posts, called “Feel-Good Habitat Moments,” we’ll share some of those moments as best we can!


Today’s feel-good moment is a photo that I took in the back room at the ReStore. This week, we received a donation of a nativity scene–but something is missing! A volunteer wrote a note that reads “Waiting to see if The Holy Family shows up. If they are a no-show, just price separately” and taped it to the incomplete set. I spotted this note after everyone had gone home and thought it was a really great example of the personalities that we have in the ReStore.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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