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Farewell to Eva!

A note from Eva Marie Faison, our Summer Intern who just finished her work here:

This summer I was afforded the opportunity to serve as the Summer Resource Development intern at Chatham Habitat for Humanity (CHFH). I am so grateful for every day I spent interning at Chatham Habitat. Over the course of my time here I managed our social media presence, press releases, communicated with donors, aided in event planning, applied for grants, and recorded contributions and donations on our donation database, Etapestry. These highly valuable skills are ones that I will be able to carry with me to aid in future endeavors in non-profit work, which I hope to pursue after college. I have learned so much being a part of the Chatham Habitat organization, the most important of which is the value of community. I so admire the level of commitment CHFH show to their volunteers and donors, and above all the families who apply for Habitat homes. It is inspiring to be included in a group of individuals who have so much passion for providing affordable, safe, decent housing for Chatham families in need. Another aspect of CHFH that I admire is their ability to make every component of the process, big or small, feel significant. Many mornings were spent addressing dozens of envelopes by hand or entering contact information in to excel, which could at times be tedious but it was always met with unfailing gratitude and appreciation from my supervisors and co-workers. It helped me to realize how critical it is to let donors, families, and community members know that they are our priority and that we are working for their specific needs. Some of my most meaningful moments occurred when I was able to get out from behind the desk and try my hand on the construction sites. Seeing the tangible results from the hard work that is being done by Habitat staff and volunteers was so rewarding. It was  humbling to work alongside several of the homeowners in Siler City, all contributing towards the same goal. I want to thank everyone at CHFH for being so welcoming, never failing to make me laugh, and teaching me so many skills that I will able to translate into future jobs. I would encourage everyone whether it’s in the office, the ReStores, or on the construction site to come and volunteer at Chatham Habitat; it was such an amazing experience for me and I know that it would be for others too!

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