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Bittersweet Farewells

At Chatham Habitat, we are lucky to have a wonderful staff – it’s one of the things that makes us a great organization. Sadly, sometimes our staff changes, and this month, we are saying three very difficult goodbyes. All three of these team members have been a pleasure to work with, and they will all be missed as they embark on their next adventures. Read more about Steve, Doug, and Peter below, and be sure thank them for all their work if you see them!


Steve Clark

Steve began work with Chatham Habitat two years ago, and quickly became an important fixture on the construction site. Always making volunteers laugh and taking “Steve Selfies,” Steve has made our construction sites a more fun, better organized, and safer place to work. Steve is leaving us to take on a full-time role at his lovely wife’s law firm, which will keep him closer to home. Although we’re sad to see him go, we couldn’t be happier for Steve!


 Doug Gagnon

More than five years ago, Doug Gagnon began volunteering at the ReStores to make new friends. He quickly became one of the most reliable volunteers we had, and when a job became available, he was thrilled to join the staff team. Doug could sell ice to an eskimo, and the eskimo would have fun the whole time! Doug is leaving us to move back to his hometown in Maine, where he has purchased his childhood home.



Peter Antonelli

Peter became part of our staff five years ago, and has been a huge part of our ReStore team ever since. Peter is a quietly hardworking guy who always has a kind word for the people around him. Including his job at the ReStore, Peter has three jobs, and is one of the most dedicated and reliable people you’ll ever meet. After years of juggling three jobs, Peter is taking the opportunity to slow down and work a little less, and we’re really glad he’s able to do so.

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