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Three Homes Under Construction in Pittsboro

Construction Updates:


House #119, the Small House, is pictured above. It will soon become home to Kelsey Buckner, and she couldn’t be more excited to have a home of her own. At only 526 square feet, this Small House is an example of a new kind of housing that we can build to better meet the unique needs of our community. It’s been a learning experience and we’re excited for Kelsey to move in later this Spring!


House #122 is coming along nicely! It’s situated at what will become the entrance to Robert’s Run, and it’s on a beautiful wooded lot with a stream through the back end of the property. This week, construction staff and volunteers are putting in cabinets and installing hardware, so it’s really starting to look like a home. The Usman Family just welcomed a new baby to their family, so they’re really excited to move in.


Pictured here is the bottom floor of House #123, which was constructed from pre-cast concrete walls that were donated and installed by our friends at Superior Walls. This week, the floor trusses and subfloor is going in for the second story, and the framing will begin. This house is for the Vazquez Grimaldo Family, and they are a beautiful family of nine! In order to accommodate their needs, we are building this 1,848 square foot home with a unique floor plan.

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