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Prescription Take-Back Day March 21st


Did you know that some of the most addictive, dangerous drugs out there are often readily available to teens? Misuse of prescription drugs is prevalent among today’s youth–in a 2014 study, nearly 20% of high school students reporting abusing prescription drugs in the past year (source). Look in your own medicine cabinet. Do you have leftover painkillers from an injury or surgery? Please consider disposing of them properly to help keep them out of the hands of our youth.

Speaking of, do you know how to properly dispose of medication? Please, by all means, don’t flush it down the toilet! Flushing medications introduces pharmaceutical substances to our water system, which can negatively affect aquatic life and water quality.

In partnership with Chatham Cares Pharmacy, we’re hosting a medication take-back day here at Chatham Habitat on March 21st from 9-1 in the morning. The Sheriff’s Office will be here to properly dispose of your unused or expired medications, which is the most responsible choice you can make.

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