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Construction Tip: Tinted Primer


When our Paint Crew comes to paint the interior of a home, they need a few tricks to make sure things go smoothly. One of the ways that they make sure that they aren’t painting over each other’s work is tinting the primer. When painting one of Chatham Habitat’s homes, the paint crew does two coats of primer and two coats of the paint color.

The first coat of primer is tinted very slightly with another paint color so that it dries just a little bit green rather than plain white. That way, when the painters are coming back through the house to do a second coat of primer (this time in white), they can easily see where the second coat has already been applied.


Tinting primer is a really helpful trick when you have a lot of people in one house, all trying to finish two coats of primer without overstepping each other. The light green first coat of primer is easily covered by the second coat, leaving you with clean, white, well-primed walls!

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