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Chatham Solidarity Fund

In Chatham County, we always step up to help our neighbors. In these challenging times, local families need your generosity and solidarity. Your donation to the Chatham Solidarity Fund will ensure that some of the most vulnerable families can make it through this crisis.

Hundreds of our Chatham County neighbors will not receive a stimulus checks or unemployment benefits simply because of their immigration status, despite contributing federal, state, social security and other taxes. Their U.S. Citizen children are also being excluded from the stimulus benefits.

Many of these families are out of work or had their work hours reduced. Without access to health insurance and other social safety nets, they’re facing severe hardships. The Chatham Solidarity Fund is going to help these low-income families and children.

Your donation will be shared directly with individuals and families in need. The amount distributed will depend on how much we are able to raise with your help.

Our goal is to raise $360,000 by May 20. Can you help?

We’re asking that: 1,000 people give $120 AND 1,000 people give $240

Will you be a part of the 2,000 generous people who share their stimulus check with families in need? Please give as much as you can, we are grateful for ALL donations!

Please contribute today and help us spread the word: Donate via Facebook (or link:

Mail a check to:

Hispanic Liaison c/o Solidarity Fund 200 N. Chatham Ave. Siler City, NC 27344

The Solidarity Fund is being administered by The Hispanic Liaison, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. EIN# 56-1974043.

Thank you for your generosity!

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