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What Does Home Truly Mean?

By Taylor Battle, Public Relations Intern

Home comes in many forms, whether it’s a house, an apartment, a trailer, a duplex, a hotel, or anything in between. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines home as “one’s place of residence” and “the social unit formed by a family living together.” At Chatham Habitat for Humanity, a home means an opportunity for a family or person to better their life.

A home is much more than the physical structure of the building – it’s about the community and fellowship that having somewhere safe and stable to call your own can bring to someone’s life. A home should be a place of fond memories, whether that’s a toddler’s first steps, a first-time graduation, a retirement party, or annual holiday gathering. A home should be the place where you’re able to relax and truly be yourself.  

Our newest partner families each view their new home as a way to provide for their families. Amanda Wise says she is looking forward to the stability a home will provide for her and her son. Security and a sense of accomplishment is what home means for Tiffany Snipes. Alfonso Martinez and Jessica Muñoz want their children to grow up in a home they can call their own. Hugo and Dania Gonzalez want the security and stability having a home will provide for their child. Imelda Quijas says that owning a home will improve her family’s life because the home will belong to them.

A home can mean the difference between living in unhealthy, unsafe, or overcrowded living conditions to having a safe place to share with your friends and family. A Chatham Habitat home means putting in 350 hours of sweat equity to build your home and attending classes to make sure you are financially ready and able to take on a mortgage of your own. A Chatham Habitat home also means being able to purchase your home with no down payment and a interest-free, 20-30 year mortgage.

A Chatham Habitat home means knowing your home was built safely and sustainably and that you played a role in its construction. Chatham Habitat gives partner families the opportunity to choose a home that is truly fit for them. Partner families are able to choose among different home designs, available lots, the color of their home, their kitchen cabinets and more. All new Chatham Habitat homes include solar panels to make them more energy efficient.

Providing a safe, affordable home that partner families can take pride in calling their own is one of Chatham Habitat’s aims. If you want to find out more about how you can help future partner families achieve their dreams of owning a home, check out our donor and volunteer pages. 

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