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homeownership month

June 2021

Homeownership changes lives.


It can improve stability, physical and mental health, education, equity, and so much more! We also know that homeownership is not always accessible due to unforgiving requirements for mortgages, high real estate prices, increased competition for buyers, and an ever-growing list of barriers and challenges.


Our Chatham Habitat community of supporters, homeowners, staff, volunteers, and partners have shown us how committed they are to ensuring that their neighbors have pathways to homeownership. We wanted to dig in this month to share the power of homeownership and provide opportunities for everyone to make a difference no matter where you are.

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So how we will celebrate Homeownership Month? We will share an Action Calendar where you can find small actions and/or reflections for each day of the month that focus on these three areas:​​​


impact of homeownership

Throughout the month we will share some recent research that demonstrates how safe, decent, affordable housing impacts education, job stability, wealth, health, and more in Chatham County!


reflections of home

Whether you are staying home, are on social media, or visiting the ReStores, share about your experiences of home. We all have had difference experiences of home and it is important to be aware of how home impacted each of us differently.


take action!

​Throughout the month you will be prompted to take action for affordable housing. We have created an action calendar where some days may be about learning, giving, and some days it may be about volunteering! Whatever you are able to do, let's do it together.

stay up to date!

Stay tuned as we will be sharing the action calendar soon and we will also have printouts in the ReStore that you can take home with you! You can stay tuned in the following ways:

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