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Please note that the office is still closed due to Covid restriction so volunteer opportunities with family services are still limited. You can complete a volunteer interest form so we can reach out to you once we are able to offer opportunities again. Volunteer Interest Form.

family services

Connect with current homebuyers and provide support on their journey to homeownership through a variety of ways.

Why Volunteer with Family Services?

  • Support current homebuyers on their journey to homeownership!

  • Be a part of the process from application to dedication.

  • Learn new skills while also utilizing your current skills and talents.

Possible Tasks:

  • Accompany us to applicant's home

  • Assist at homebuyer education classes

  • Act as a translator for those who do not speak English

  • Babysit for current homebuyers as they complete their "sweat equity".

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Volunteer Program Manager



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